My gardening goes in waves, i’m either out there tending and fiddling daily feeling drawn to and uplifted by the energies or i’m reluctantly watering it when my alarm telling me to do so goes off. I’d not been very excited about it for a while but recently I spent time with my friend in her beautiful garden and the energy of my own has been calling me. One night I spent an hour or so weeding. A fairly small sacrifice of time, but what a difference it made! Now I feel happy looking out my back door at a garden that is loved.


for so many years I dreamed of having this baby or ours crawling around our veggie patch and it’s as wonderful as I always imagined it to be. Life with him in general is as wonderful as I always hoped. He loves taste testing all the greenery so it will be good when we can soon put in things like spinach that are good straight from the garden. This baby has such a love of food. I try not to give him too much food because he’s only 7 months and should be still having lots of breast milk but oh how excited he gets when he sees food! He even seems to get a bit grumpy and huffy until it’s shared with him! We do a mixture of baby led weaning and purees and he loves it all but I think likes purees a bit more just because he can eat faster. In the pumpkin patch I was telling him that this is where the pumpkins like what he eats come from.

Soon ours will be ready but already he’s had pumpkin soup from his Grandpa Gavie’s garden. When his was finished he still wanted more so I gave him some from my bowl. Then I finished and while I was doing the dishes dad was still eating and of course Cadan wanted more again and dad asked if he wouldn’t like it because he added curry powder. I told him it was fine, Cadan has had curry powder but I should of asked how much because my dad does like things a lot hotter then I do! Needless to say for a week or so Cadan didn’t open his mouth for anything orange just in case ūüôā


In just a few weeks Cadan went from laying content on the floor, to rolling, sitting himself up, crawling and pulling himself up on furniture. I love to see him exploring more but it isn’t so relaxing being in the lounge room with all the power cords and things so we’ve been spending a lot more time in the day care room while Benny’s at work until Benny has finished baby proofing. It seems like as fast as benny puts safety latches on one thing Cadan learns a new skill and can get into some thing else. It’s handy that the rest of our house is already baby proof!


I love seeing him reach up to things he hadn’t noticed before, there is so much he can do and play with nowIMG_0367

I forgot to take an after picture but this is one of a few apple crumbles that have been filling our oven and bellies lately. As soon as it’s Autumn I all of a sudden just need to be eating yummy soups, stews and apple crumbles. The last few weeks i’ve been getting together with Mum and Dad for tea on Friday nights and this week Benny has the night off work so he’s going to make his Guiness pie and i’ll make another apple crumble. I can’t wait to be sitting around the table together eating hearty delicious foods, I just hope the weather is cold enough for it to be cozy because at this time of the year you never do know, it could just as easily be very hot


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Baby Knits

After a long time of not feeling like crafting I’ve recently been motivated to knit again. It’s so nice to be having projects on the go again! Lately I’ve been knitting covers for Cadan’s cloth nappies and I’ve found a cute pattern to knit some Easter chicks too


the first cover I knit was in cascade eco yarn. I forgot how much it grows when washed! So after re knitting it because it looked too small it turned out very big. It still works well as a cover over night but it does look a bit silly on him

next I did the same pattern in a quince & co 10 ply. I love how this one turned out. It was a little small but i’d learnt my lesson, sure enough after a wash and lanolize it is perfect size


I’ve also been photographing old projects for my ravelry page. A lot of his newborn knits I didn’t think to take pictures of in the hazy newborn days so I figured i’d try to squeeze him into them for a quick photo but surprisingly a lot of it still fits. I’m so excited about these two little jumpers. They fit him better this year then last so now we’re looking forward to the cold weather more then ever.

Its feeling more like autumn in the mornings and evenings at the moment but in between it’s still hot. But still I cant help but make pumpkin soup, apple crumble and other yummy autumn foods out of excitement that cool weather is slowly on it’s way

Joining in with Small Things for  Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On

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window gazing

Cadan loves sitting by the window watching the world go by and playing with the curtains

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6.5 months

We are just over¬†half way to Cadan’s first birthday! Some times I feel sad that he’s getting bigger but mostly I just love seeing his little personality unfold. He’s such a little character! I love that he can sit now, it’s making life so much easier that I can put him down where ever we are. I love that he has little babbly conversations, if your looking away he will all of a sudden look at you and say uh! and we will do it back and forth, he will give me big smiles and then he will be happy to go back to his playing. He loooves to blow raspberries. I sometimes regret doing them to him because once I get him started he often wont stop until his tshirt is saturated! If he happens to be laying on his back he soon has drops of spit all around his mouth.

Last week he had his first cold. I put him to bed and then he woke at about 11 sounding so wheezy with a barking cough. He cried and cried and after hearing one of¬†his little friends he’d been playing with¬†had croup we decided to take him to the ER to get checked. On the way there he had a little power nap and once he woke up he was sooo much happier and I felt a bit silly for taking him but mostly just relieved that he had improved. I was expecting that we wouldn’t get much sleep for a few nights but I put on our diffuser with the breathe easy oil blend and he actually slept really well and by the next day he was quite good considering and all up the cold only lasted about 2 and a half days. I feel lucky that we made it as far as we did with no sickness and that when he finally did get sick we got out of it as easily as we did!

I changed over his clothes to 6-12 month size and while tshirts and shorts are quite big I was surprised to see that the jump suits were already almost too small. I feel a little sad to say that my little 6 month old fits well in size 1 jump suits! I’m blaming his cloth nappies but really it’s not that big a¬†surprise, he’s on the 100th percentile line for height. At his 6 month appointment he was 74cm tall and weighed 8.3kg (50th percentile) so he’s still my tall skinny little guy. As far as cloth nappies go, I’ve always loved bambooty easy drys¬†but given that they are low rise and Cadan is tall I’ve been on the hunt for some different nappies that will suit him better for quite a while. The easy drys have been great and i’ll keep using the larges that we have but I need a few more nappies for him so after getting some advice from others¬†we’re going to give some baby bare nappies a go. I’m excited to have found another nappy that sounds like it will suit his shape, is a good price and has some really¬†cute prints so we’ll se how they go. Also I hadn’t used the tri folds I got for newborn nappies much they are getting a good work out now. He’s feeding much less now which is meaning that he doesn’t need so much bulk in his nappies, I’ve been doing 1 tri fold in a baby beehinds cover and it’s been lasting well. I’m also getting ideas for over night nappies. I’ve tried his usual nappies over night and he often wet through so I gave up and have used eco original compostable nappies. I’ve joined a nappy forum and people are often talking about how they do over night nappies and I realized that although I put it in the too hard basket I actually do have some nappies tucked away that will probably work much better. I’ve had baby behind fitted’s tucked away for years, they were one of the first nappies I got for day care but found them¬†unnecessarily bulky for how often I change them during the day¬†but with a tri fold will probably be perfect over night. I will be glad if they work well to save 365 nappies per year! Cadan’s just coming to the end of another leap/fussy sleeping phase so i’m keen to try them out and see how we go.

I’m excited to be able to put him in some colder weather clothes, the nights are starting to cool down and we’re having some cool days too and it’s so nice to have the gradual change in seasons

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Cadan at 5.5 months

It’s been a while since I blogged, i’ve been doing Cadan’s weekly photos on facebook so it was feeling like I was really just doubling up by putting the same here but I do like the blog as somewhere I can write a bit more or add extra photos.

Our little man is 5.5 months already. The time hasn’t seemed to go particularly fast like people always say, just at a nice pace for us. We’ve been living in the moment, soaking up each day with him and I can safely say i’ve enjoyed every one of his days. I’m tired, I really need to go to bed at night son after he does (instead of 12 or 1 most nights, oops) but other then that were going good.

All his firsts just keep coming, he’s getting so alert and taking in so much of what’s around him. He’s starting to sit well with help, and the past few days getting so close to rolling. He’s had some tastes of food. He loves every fruit and veg he’s tried and shows his excitement by forcing the chunks we give him to suck on as far into his mouth as they will go and sucking the life out of them! He smiles, chats and laughs a lot, especially at Benny, I think he’s going to be a bit of a daddy’s boy. He’s not shy at all so far, he seems to love meeting new people and will go to any one for a cuddle. His favourite toy for quite a while has been his Nony Pony (blue playgro horse toy with rattly feet given to him by one of my day care kids) He loves being out doors. In the evening if he’s fussy before bed I know to take him out in the garden or for a walk in a baby carrier and he’ll be happy! He also loves the beach and doesn’t care if the water is cold. Last week I stopped putting him in his ducky rocker because he’s figured out how to sit up in it and nearly tip it over

He loves being held in a standing or sitting position, different noises like tounge clicking and dinosaur rahh’s, kicking his legs, sucking on everything.

He’s still going great with breast feeding, although now that he’s so aware of the world as soon as I try to take a sip of water or mouthful of lunch above him he has to stop and watch. His favorite way to breastfeed is definitely laying in mum and dads bed and snuggling in to relax before he goes to sleep. When I put him on our bed when he’s grizzly he licks his lips, stops grizzling and smiles up at me all excited that he’s going to have milk (he does the same when he sees me get his brauers teething medicine which he loves) but if I leave for a sec to grab a fresh nappy or turn the fan on he gets pretty upset that he has to wait. I always loved feeding him but it’s even nicer now that he gets excited

His sleep was rather difficult to achieve for a month or so around 3.5 months. Before that he was such an easy sleeper. He didn’t really need much settling, he would usually just go to sleep in his bassinet or cot at predictable times, (awake time around 1 hour), sometimes with a bit of grizzling but generally without much fuss and only his dummy when he was really unsettled. When he was around 4 months he suddenly was so hard to get to sleep, would wake very easily, napped much less and woke more often over night. ‘4 month sleep regression’ seems to be a very common thing, most others in my baby center group talked about it too, apparently it’s thought to be a time when babies are developing and changing a lot all at once and it overwhelms them. During this time I tried putting him to bed how we were used to but all of a sudden he would scream instead of just grizzling so soon he was feeding to sleep in our bed and having his dummy every single time. I was disappointed that ¬†the habits that i’d gotten him into weren’t working any more but I learnt that I just needed to go with the flow a bit more now. I started keeping him up a bit longer and waiting for definite tired signs, waiting for him to be 110% asleep while feeding him laying down in our bed and then putting his dummy in and stealthily sneaking away quietly rather then putting him him to sleep in his cot while ‘drowsy but awake’ like all the online info recommends. I feel like babies are an ongoing lesson on letting go and being flexible. When he was tiny I found it so hard to let go of my parenting ideals that I had spent my years of infertility learning about but already i’m getting better at letting him be my guide. After all I’m not raising the baby the magazine ¬†article was written about, i’m raising Cadan and he and I know what he needs and what works for him best.

Anyhow, eventually we came to the end of the sleep regression and now things are a little trickier then before it but generally going well. I’m getting him into somewhat of a bed time routine. Basically I still like to be flexible and keep him as flexible as possible so it doesn’t always go in a particular order but I feed him, sing him his song (dixie chicks lulaby) give him a muslin cloth as a comforter and rub it down his face to relax him and he has his dummy. Sometimes I feed him in bed and he falls asleep so the rest doesn’t happen, other times I feed him in the rocking chair while singing and then sit with him in his room stroking the muslin on his face and he falls asleep on his own.

This has turned into a long and possibly kinda boring post mostly about his sleep but what can I say? When a kid sleeps 3 times a day and then all night long it’s kinda a pretty big part of his life lol

His sleep times at the moment are night time- goes to bed between 7 and 9, usually wakes up around 1 and 5 to feed and sometimes again once or twice but his dummy puts him back to sleep. Wakes around 8 or 9, naps around 10 around an hour, 12.30 (usually 1-3 hours) and 5 (around an hour)

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7 weeks

IMG_7138 IMG_7140 IMG_7150 IMG_7152 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 IMG_7263 Untitled

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6 weeks


6 weeks old and ready for his first little holiday by the beach. He’s started fitting in 00 so mum feels better that he’s still squeezing into the last of his 0000 too. “See, he’s still my little newborn”

We had his 6 week check up this week and hes grown from
at birth he weighed 3850 grams and was 53cm long
now he’s 5280 grams and 63cm long! he’s 75th percentile
I love my little chunker and his newly acquired chub rolls

0 1  003 4 5 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 IMG_7061

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