14 mon

This little guy at (almost) 14. He’s still a good little eater although lately he’s I think been having trouble from his molars, he’s gone off his food a bit and is wanting to breastfeed way more then usual. His main word that he so far says is ‘more’ with the cutest little upside down twisted around hand outstretched. I love it! Unfortunately if he doesn’t receive ‘more’ of whatever he’s after soon enough it often turns into a high pitched squeal but at least he’s starting to ask (before if he was teething or over tired it was just a shrill squeal from the second he decided he wanted something until it was in his hands!)

His sleep is pretty good at the moment. He usually has one nap at about 12 for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours and then goes to sleep around 6 or 7. Sometimes he still has 2 naps, often on Monday because of weekend busyness.

One of my favourite things is how excited he gets when day care kids arrive. He usually runs to the door to greet them. Him and his little day care friends maggie and addilyn who are both only a few weeks apart from him i age are so sweet learning to give each other hugs and laughing at each other.

My favourite recent moments-

*When benny and I hold his hands and do 1,2,3 (swing him between us on 3) he loves it! He also likes when he stands on a log by the sand pit and I take his hands and help him jump off. Every time we go outside he climbs on the log and waits for me to do it now

*Seeing him and mum so happy to see each other when she got back from 8 weeks in Holland

*When he gets so excited and frantic to breastfeed lately. It can be annoying and inconvenient at times but its also the sweetest thing ever

*seeing him learn new things all the time like yesterday he stacked a big block tower for the first time

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2 Responses to 14 mon

  1. Lieke says:

    What beautiful photos of a happy mom and her lovely boy! I’m a longtime reader and love your updates on Cadan, but I also miss your blogposts on your daycare activities with the daycare children. It’s a pity you stopped your other blog. But I understand it is rather a handful with a baby in the house.

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