11 Months


We’ve had such a wonderful weekend. We had mothers group, Charlie, Tamara and the kids over for tea, Heaths first birthday and tea at mum and dads. It’s been busy, i’m worn out but my soul is happy and full. Life is just so wonderful and i’m grateful to be surrounded by so many great people.

Today after Heaths party we were driving right by the beach. Cadan was ready for bed and I knew if I went home he would have a much longer sleep but it was a beautiful day so instead I put him in the carrier and we went for a big beach walk.

It was so wonderful! Being a mother there is always balance, including the balance between wanting to get him into good sleeping habits that keep him well rested and give me time to get things done and wanting to cuddle him and enjoy him. Today I chose to cuddle and enjoy him and i’m so glad I did, he’s growing so fast and these moments are the ones i’ll look back on and be thankful for. In that moment cuddling and kissing my softly sleeping baby I just felt so grateful that I’m living my dream. For 11 months i’ve been living my dream of being a mother now and it just keeps getting better and better. It was so great having a newborn but gosh i’m just loving this stage now where he’s starting to be able to play with his friend. I’m thankful to have so many kids around us for him to grow up with, the day care kids, mothers group babies, babies from our groups and i’m enjoying making new friends too.

I’m also feeling so grateful for day care at the moment. I’m loving having families from my mothers group and all of my families at the moment are really great. I’m feeling really great about how i’m going with my documenting and paperwork side of things, I joined a face book group which has helped a lot and because i’m feeling more confident with it all it’s making me feel like my day care is much better because of it.

Basically, life is wonderful

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