My gardening goes in waves, i’m either out there tending and fiddling daily feeling drawn to and uplifted by the energies or i’m reluctantly watering it when my alarm telling me to do so goes off. I’d not been very excited about it for a while but recently I spent time with my friend in her beautiful garden and the energy of my own has been calling me. One night I spent an hour or so weeding. A fairly small sacrifice of time, but what a difference it made! Now I feel happy looking out my back door at a garden that is loved.


for so many years I dreamed of having this baby or ours crawling around our veggie patch and it’s as wonderful as I always imagined it to be. Life with him in general is as wonderful as I always hoped. He loves taste testing all the greenery so it will be good when we can soon put in things like spinach that are good straight from the garden. This baby has such a love of food. I try not to give him too much food because he’s only 7 months and should be still having lots of breast milk but oh how excited he gets when he sees food! He even seems to get a bit grumpy and huffy until it’s shared with him! We do a mixture of baby led weaning and purees and he loves it all but I think likes purees a bit more just because he can eat faster. In the pumpkin patch I was telling him that this is where the pumpkins like what he eats come from.

Soon ours will be ready but already he’s had pumpkin soup from his Grandpa Gavie’s garden. When his was finished he still wanted more so I gave him some from my bowl. Then I finished and while I was doing the dishes dad was still eating and of course Cadan wanted more again and dad asked if he wouldn’t like it because he added curry powder. I told him it was fine, Cadan has had curry powder but I should of asked how much because my dad does like things a lot hotter then I do! Needless to say for a week or so Cadan didn’t open his mouth for anything orange just in case šŸ™‚


In just a few weeks Cadan went from laying content on the floor, to rolling, sitting himself up, crawling and pulling himself up on furniture. I love to see him exploring more but it isn’t so relaxing being in the lounge room with all the power cords and things so we’ve been spending a lot more time in the day care room while Benny’s at work until Benny has finished baby proofing. It seems like as fast as benny puts safety latches on one thing Cadan learns a new skill and can get into some thing else. It’s handy that the rest of our house is already baby proof!


I love seeing him reach up to things he hadn’t noticed before, there is so much he can do and play with nowIMG_0367

I forgot to take an after picture but this is one of a few apple crumbles that have been filling our oven and bellies lately. As soon as it’s Autumn I all of a sudden just need to be eating yummy soups, stews and apple crumbles. The last few weeks i’ve been getting together with Mum and Dad for tea on Friday nights and this week Benny has the night off work so he’s going to make his Guiness pie and i’ll make another apple crumble. I can’t wait to be sitting around the table together eating hearty delicious foods, I just hope the weather is cold enough for it to be cozy because at this time of the year you never do know, it could just as easily be very hot


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