6.5 months

We are just over half way to Cadan’s first birthday! Some times I feel sad that he’s getting bigger but mostly I just love seeing his little personality unfold. He’s such a little character! I love that he can sit now, it’s making life so much easier that I can put him down where ever we are. I love that he has little babbly conversations, if your looking away he will all of a sudden look at you and say uh! and we will do it back and forth, he will give me big smiles and then he will be happy to go back to his playing. He loooves to blow raspberries. I sometimes regret doing them to him because once I get him started he often wont stop until his tshirt is saturated! If he happens to be laying on his back he soon has drops of spit all around his mouth.

Last week he had his first cold. I put him to bed and then he woke at about 11 sounding so wheezy with a barking cough. He cried and cried and after hearing one of his little friends he’d been playing with had croup we decided to take him to the ER to get checked. On the way there he had a little power nap and once he woke up he was sooo much happier and I felt a bit silly for taking him but mostly just relieved that he had improved. I was expecting that we wouldn’t get much sleep for a few nights but I put on our diffuser with the breathe easy oil blend and he actually slept really well and by the next day he was quite good considering and all up the cold only lasted about 2 and a half days. I feel lucky that we made it as far as we did with no sickness and that when he finally did get sick we got out of it as easily as we did!

I changed over his clothes to 6-12 month size and while tshirts and shorts are quite big I was surprised to see that the jump suits were already almost too small. I feel a little sad to say that my little 6 month old fits well in size 1 jump suits! I’m blaming his cloth nappies but really it’s not that big a surprise, he’s on the 100th percentile line for height. At his 6 month appointment he was 74cm tall and weighed 8.3kg (50th percentile) so he’s still my tall skinny little guy. As far as cloth nappies go, I’ve always loved bambooty easy drys but given that they are low rise and Cadan is tall I’ve been on the hunt for some different nappies that will suit him better for quite a while. The easy drys have been great and i’ll keep using the larges that we have but I need a few more nappies for him so after getting some advice from others we’re going to give some baby bare nappies a go. I’m excited to have found another nappy that sounds like it will suit his shape, is a good price and has some really cute prints so we’ll se how they go. Also I hadn’t used the tri folds I got for newborn nappies much they are getting a good work out now. He’s feeding much less now which is meaning that he doesn’t need so much bulk in his nappies, I’ve been doing 1 tri fold in a baby beehinds cover and it’s been lasting well. I’m also getting ideas for over night nappies. I’ve tried his usual nappies over night and he often wet through so I gave up and have used eco original compostable nappies. I’ve joined a nappy forum and people are often talking about how they do over night nappies and I realized that although I put it in the too hard basket I actually do have some nappies tucked away that will probably work much better. I’ve had baby behind fitted’s tucked away for years, they were one of the first nappies I got for day care but found them unnecessarily bulky for how often I change them during the day but with a tri fold will probably be perfect over night. I will be glad if they work well to save 365 nappies per year! Cadan’s just coming to the end of another leap/fussy sleeping phase so i’m keen to try them out and see how we go.

I’m excited to be able to put him in some colder weather clothes, the nights are starting to cool down and we’re having some cool days too and it’s so nice to have the gradual change in seasons

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