Cadan at 5.5 months

It’s been a while since I blogged, i’ve been doing Cadan’s weekly photos on facebook so it was feeling like I was really just doubling up by putting the same here but I do like the blog as somewhere I can write a bit more or add extra photos.

Our little man is 5.5 months already. The time hasn’t seemed to go particularly fast like people always say, just at a nice pace for us. We’ve been living in the moment, soaking up each day with him and I can safely say i’ve enjoyed every one of his days. I’m tired, I really need to go to bed at night son after he does (instead of 12 or 1 most nights, oops) but other then that were going good.

All his firsts just keep coming, he’s getting so alert and taking in so much of what’s around him. He’s starting to sit well with help, and the past few days getting so close to rolling. He’s had some tastes of food. He loves every fruit and veg he’s tried and shows his excitement by forcing the chunks we give him to suck on as far into his mouth as they will go and sucking the life out of them! He smiles, chats and laughs a lot, especially at Benny, I think he’s going to be a bit of a daddy’s boy. He’s not shy at all so far, he seems to love meeting new people and will go to any one for a cuddle. His favourite toy for quite a while has been his Nony Pony (blue playgro horse toy with rattly feet given to him by one of my day care kids) He loves being out doors. In the evening if he’s fussy before bed I know to take him out in the garden or for a walk in a baby carrier and he’ll be happy! He also loves the beach and doesn’t care if the water is cold. Last week I stopped putting him in his ducky rocker because he’s figured out how to sit up in it and nearly tip it over

He loves being held in a standing or sitting position, different noises like tounge clicking and dinosaur rahh’s, kicking his legs, sucking on everything.

He’s still going great with breast feeding, although now that he’s so aware of the world as soon as I try to take a sip of water or mouthful of lunch above him he has to stop and watch. His favorite way to breastfeed is definitely laying in mum and dads bed and snuggling in to relax before he goes to sleep. When I put him on our bed when he’s grizzly he licks his lips, stops grizzling and smiles up at me all excited that he’s going to have milk (he does the same when he sees me get his brauers teething medicine which he loves) but if I leave for a sec to grab a fresh nappy or turn the fan on he gets pretty upset that he has to wait. I always loved feeding him but it’s even nicer now that he gets excited

His sleep was rather difficult to achieve for a month or so around 3.5 months. Before that he was such an easy sleeper. He didn’t really need much settling, he would usually just go to sleep in his bassinet or cot at predictable times, (awake time around 1 hour), sometimes with a bit of grizzling but generally without much fuss and only his dummy when he was really unsettled. When he was around 4 months he suddenly was so hard to get to sleep, would wake very easily, napped much less and woke more often over night. ‘4 month sleep regression’ seems to be a very common thing, most others in my baby center group talked about it too, apparently it’s thought to be a time when babies are developing and changing a lot all at once and it overwhelms them. During this time I tried putting him to bed how we were used to but all of a sudden he would scream instead of just grizzling so soon he was feeding to sleep in our bed and having his dummy every single time. I was disappointed that  the habits that i’d gotten him into weren’t working any more but I learnt that I just needed to go with the flow a bit more now. I started keeping him up a bit longer and waiting for definite tired signs, waiting for him to be 110% asleep while feeding him laying down in our bed and then putting his dummy in and stealthily sneaking away quietly rather then putting him him to sleep in his cot while ‘drowsy but awake’ like all the online info recommends. I feel like babies are an ongoing lesson on letting go and being flexible. When he was tiny I found it so hard to let go of my parenting ideals that I had spent my years of infertility learning about but already i’m getting better at letting him be my guide. After all I’m not raising the baby the magazine  article was written about, i’m raising Cadan and he and I know what he needs and what works for him best.

Anyhow, eventually we came to the end of the sleep regression and now things are a little trickier then before it but generally going well. I’m getting him into somewhat of a bed time routine. Basically I still like to be flexible and keep him as flexible as possible so it doesn’t always go in a particular order but I feed him, sing him his song (dixie chicks lulaby) give him a muslin cloth as a comforter and rub it down his face to relax him and he has his dummy. Sometimes I feed him in bed and he falls asleep so the rest doesn’t happen, other times I feed him in the rocking chair while singing and then sit with him in his room stroking the muslin on his face and he falls asleep on his own.

This has turned into a long and possibly kinda boring post mostly about his sleep but what can I say? When a kid sleeps 3 times a day and then all night long it’s kinda a pretty big part of his life lol

His sleep times at the moment are night time- goes to bed between 7 and 9, usually wakes up around 1 and 5 to feed and sometimes again once or twice but his dummy puts him back to sleep. Wakes around 8 or 9, naps around 10 around an hour, 12.30 (usually 1-3 hours) and 5 (around an hour)

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