4 weeks

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life with Cadan just keeps getting better, from the first day i’ve felt like I couldn’t possibly love him more but each day I get to know him more and it feels easier and more natural to be looking after him. I’m not sure if that really describes what I mean, I mean that that things like getting up in the middle of the night to feed him, packing a bag to get out of the house etc. feel like normal things now and the less I think about doing all the routine things and the easier it all becomes, the more I can focus all my energy on being in the moment with him, taking it all in and enjoying him. My favourite things are feeding him (and how he so often comes of mid feed and does three of the most dramatic coughs ever, turning his head to the other side for each cough! so cute!), watching all his cute facial expressions especially his smiles, giving him baths and massages, dressing him in cute outfits and probably most of all seeing how much my family and friends adore him, I definitely haven’t ever been so popular on facebook as Cadan is! Oh and taking photos of him, I love it and i’m so thankful that i’ve taken so many because he’s already growing and changing so fast. He’s awake and alert so much now.


In a few weeks Benny has some more time off work. He had a month to take for spending time with me and the baby and he decided to take 2 weeks when Cadan was born, work a month and then take the other 2 weeks. We are so looking forward to his time off and we’re taking Cadan on his first little holiday, were staying at a holiday house by the beach for 5 days! I’m so excited because last year we planned on going for our anniversary and at a few other times during the year but with so much of our money going to IVF it didn’t happen so we’ve been waiting a long time and it will be all the more special as a little family with Cadan to take with us.

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Breast feeding is going so well now. I don’t ever need to strip him off to feed any more, he latches on easily and if he doesn’t i’ve discovered it usually means he needs a burp first. On Sunday I felt a bit off colour and in the evening we went to woolies and I was complaining to benny that I was freezing cold. By the time we got home I was shivering, I put the heater on, my dressing gown and three wool blankets and I still felt cold and my muscles started aching. Benny took my temp and it was high. I also had a sore lump on my boob so I thought I was getting mastitis and was worried how i’d look after Cadan if I got worse because I felt so crappy that Benny was having to pass Cadan to me when he needed a feed. I was wearing a singlet with a built in bra that was quite tight so I took it off and we googled what to do. The main thing was to feed bub as much as possible to empty all my milk and I also had panadol to get my temp down because if it got any higher it said to get to a doctor. After doing this I started to feel better and went to bed and by the time Cadan  woke for a feed I felt almost completely better. I checked my temp and it was back to normal. I was so relieved and surprised that I felt so much better after feeling so horrible a few hours ago!


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2 Responses to 4 weeks

  1. AJ says:

    So glad your feeling better & Cadan is fit & well.
    I love these photos, such special memories. You have lots of him but it’s nice to have some of you 2 together.
    Love you
    See you soon

    Aunty AJ

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Karen! It’s so super lovely to see you with your gorgeous little boy. I am so very happy for you all. It’s lovely to read your pregnancy and birth story, and now about your days with your little one. Beautiful xx

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