3 weeks old!

3 weeks 1

Cadan’s changed a lot in the past week. For the first 2 weeks he slept most of the time and then in the past week he’s been a lot more awake and alert. He’s also been a lot more grizzly. It took me by surprise that it seemed to happen all of a sudden and it took a few days for me to adjust to it. At first I found it hard that he all of a sudden needed more from me, wanting to be cuddled and fed more often rather than going to sleep on his own and barely making a noise unless his nappy was being changed. I worried that he might not be getting enough milk, i’d get him into ‘bad habits’ if I cuddled him to sleep and fed him every time he grizzled, he might stop sleeping in his bassinet and stop sleeping at night. I felt a bit overwhelmed that I didn’t know what ‘what was wrong with him’. We went to my friends for tea the other day and Cadan was fussing and wanting to be fed every half hour or so and I felt a bit stressed and upset that the other kids were sleeping peacefully while Cadan was being fussy and I felt like I was feeding him too often but it was the only thing that was settling him. On the way home I told Benny that i’d found it hard and he reminded me that I know him best. That if he’s upset just feed him and don’t worry what anyone else might think. He heard the midwife encourage me that breast fed babies can be fed on demand as much as they want and like to ‘snack’ often and it helps my body know to make more milk when Cadan’s having a growth spurt. I needed the reminder.

As the days have gone on I’ve gotten used to this new stage and found that although he does have fussy times if I feed him and cuddle him when he needs me to he gets through it quicker and I get beautiful cuddles and bonding time with him. Now that i’m worrying less i’m able to enjoy it more for what it is, my baby gets comfort from me, he loves me and just wants to be cuddled up, safe and warm in my arms.

I’m also noticing he’s getting himself into a bit of a routine. He wakes at about 7 or 8 and is awake and alert for a few hours. During this time he feeds lots, takes little naps and has grizzly times. About mid day he has a big nap for around 2-4 hours. He wakes up, has another awake time, feeding lots and fussing, short naps, another longer nap somewhere around 5ish, another awake time and then goes to bed at 9 or 10 and is asleep for the night. He doesn’t really wake up properly at night he just cries out with his eyes still closed every 3 or so hours and I give him a nappy change and feed and he usually goes straight back into his bassinet, sometimes he cries out again if he needs a burp.3 weeks 2 1

3 weeks 3 1 3 weeks 4 1

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One Response to 3 weeks old!

  1. Evi says:

    Hi Karen, its been a long while since I stopped by here and I am so happy to see that you finally have your hearts desire!! He is beautiful….but you already know that 😉 I had to go way back to last years posts so that I could follow your journey all the way through! I hope you are both adjusting to each other although I’m sure you will do wonderfully with this new little life in your care. Relax and use your very own instincts – Benny is right, do what you feel is best, not what you think others want you to do.
    Wishing your sweet family much happiness and milky, bliss filled days xx

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