2 weeks  lulaby

During the time I waited for you Cadan I tried to stay hopeful that one day you would truly be here. One of the ways I stayed hopeful and positive was by watching videos on you tube of the journeys of couples who had their IVF babies. They often had beautiful music in the video clips and a few of these songs have become very special to me, they reminded me in days of sadness that dreams can come true.

The first night after we brought you home you woke up unsettled so I rocked you in the rocking chair and sang you ‘lullaby’ by the Dixie chicks. As you calmed and fell asleep I cried big salty tears because after such a long journey waiting for you our IVF journey to you was over too. This is my favorite song to sing to you even though it makes me tear up every time

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One Response to lulaby

  1. AJ says:

    So beautiful, I love special songs. Music has an amazing effect on people, it carry memories, fun, emotion, sadness, anger, love etc
    Lucky little boy to have you

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