Cadan’s first week


Tuesday morning we woke up to our beautiful little dream come true. Cadan woke me first as the sun was coming up and i’d had enough of feeding him sitting awkwardly on the bed so I moved a chair over to the window, opened up the blinds and we looked out to the new day, his first morning out in the world . He had some health checks and we decided to leave the hospital and head home that day. Before we left I dressed him in his first outfit, a blue and white striped bonds suit, wrapped him in his own muslin and Cathy, Charlie and Anneke visited and had cuddles with him. Benny took all our bags to the car and brought the car to the front of the hospital and me and Anneke wrapped Cadan cozy in a blanket and took him out. On the way through the hospital lots of ladies were looking over to see him and one lady came over to see him and ask how old he was. On the way out it was drizzling rain and looked so beautiful. Cadan was silent in the car on the way home and has thankfully loved the car each time since.

As I carried him through our front door I felt so happy and emotional telling him he was home. I was so excited to lay him in his own bassinet, and have all the things i’d collected and made for him over the past months while I was pregnant be his and finally have someone to use them. Although we had only been in hospital less then 24 hours it had seemed like much longer and it felt so nice to shower in our own shower and have my own things around me. After lunch Oma, Opa, Madi, Lil, Mum and Dad and Anneke came over to see Cadan. It’s so nice to see how loved he is and how happy everyone is to meet him.

Feeding him to begin with was very painful. On Wednesday I was supposed to have a midwife visit but she didn’t come until the next day. Wednesday night I was dreading him waking up for night feeds and it was a tough night but but Thursday morning my milk had come in which started to improve things. For a few days I had way too much milk and he had trouble latching on. The midwife told me to express milk before feeding him and also showed me how to help him latch on better and from then on feeding has been much better. He still takes a while to remember how to latch on each time needs to be stripped off so we can be skin on skin (it makes him more alert and he feeds much better) but it’s going well and the midwife is happy with how much weight he’s putting on.

So far he sleeps a lot, over night he only wakes once or twice. A few times each day he’s alert and looking around for a while which is so cute and really nice.

On Thursday Benny, Cadan and I had a quiet day at home together and also took Cadan for his first little trip to target and woolies in the stretchy wrap (baby carrier) He slept through it but it was so nice to cuddle him while we shopped 🙂

On Friday we stayed at Benny’s parents and Cadan met his cousins Terleah and Dylan, Aunty Tegan and Uncle Jason and also for other family and friends. He was alert for the longest we had seen and was wanting to feed all the time so far so we thought he would sleep well but instead he took 2 hours to go to sleep. I think he got over tired from all the excitement! After that he slept well for his first night away from home which was a relief

On Saturday we came home and had the rest of the weekend relaxing and staring at one cute baby

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3 Responses to Cadan’s first week

  1. AJ says:

    Thank you so much for the photos & updates. It means the world to me to see these, I feel like I’m not missing out so much. When we visit I’d love to get a nice photo of Kane & I with him for his room so he remembers us. Don’t forget to remind him everyday his Aunty loves him.
    Miss you guys xoxo

  2. I’m so glad to be able to share it all with you. We’ll definitely get a photo of you three for him but he wont be forgetting about you, your too important to me for that to happen. He sits with me while I facebook so as soon as he’s more alert i’ll be showing him all the things your up to. I think you should see about setting up skype, Oma asked me to so Bennys going to put it on my computer, it would be so nice for us to be able to see you guys too!

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