Cadan’s birth story

At 7am on the 3rd of August Benny and I arrived at the hospital and I felt ready and excited to birth and finally meet Cadan. After my moments of worry about being induced I was feeling at peace with whatever would happen. We went to the nurse station like I’d been told to and they seemed surprised to see us and sent us to a room to wait. We waited for about half an hour and we were getting a bit worried that after all the excitement of waiting for Monday that we would get sent home and and told to come back another day but thankfully it wasn’t much longer before Erin came in. She had been busy with another birth until late so was just running late.

We went into the delivery room and I laid on the bed and she strapped heart beat monitors around my belly and they stayed on for half an hour to make sure Cadan’s heart rate was good. It was so she did another check to see how dilated I was. I was 3-4 cm now so a little bit more then on Wednesday. Then she broke my waters. I was worried that I would straight away get strong powerful contractions but instead they started just very gently. Erin asked me to tell her when I was having them. At first I didn’t really know. My belly would tighten and sometimes I had a low cramp, sometimes there wasn’t. Soon after this Mum, Dad and Anneke arrived at the hospital. I was only supposed to have two people with me so Mum stayed and Dad and Anneke had a quick visit with us, wished me good luck and went to get a drink at our favorite cafe by the beach.

From the time Erin broke my waters I spent most of my time on the exercise ball bouncing, rocking and making circles. I soon found that if i bounced quickly it made me have a stronger contraction. Once the contractions became more noticeable and uncomfortable I started using the breathing techniques I learn from my calm birth class. If I had progressed to 4 contractions per 10 minutes I wouldn’t need a drip in so I felt very encouraged to bounce as much as I could! Thankfully I progressed fast enough so I didn’t need the drip.

I was still feeling quite ok with the discomfort from the contractions when Erin suggested I might like to have a shower. I did and soon after thinking to myself that I hadn’t had a contraction in a bit I got the strongest one yet which felt exciting!It was followed quite quickly by 2 or 3 more strong ones. I had thought the shower was just for pain relief but as I swayed my hips and held onto the rail with warm water on my back it seemed to helped me progress too. They kept getting stronger and at 12 Erin checked me again to see what progress i’d made. I was 5-6 cm. I felt a bit disappointed that it didn’t sound like much progress but it wasn’t long before the contractions got to the point that they were very uncomfortable. In between them Benny and mum offered me drinks of water and back massages but as soon as one started I needed them to stop so mum gave me reki instead which helped with the pain. During all this we were chatting with Erin about crafts, family, travel etc. Mum was doing some sewing that she’d brought along, Benny had his book to read and it really was a nice day hanging out and feeling excited listening to Cadan’s heart beat and knowing that we would be meeting him soon.

I had been bouncing on the ball for hours and I felt like I needed a rest so I sat on the bed for a while. During the contractions I was more comfortable to hang my legs over the side or get off and either lean on the bed, rock gently on the ball. I tried kneeling on the bed which was positioned with the back rest up and leaned over the back. Soon I was finding that nothing would ease the pain so I asked for gas and air . I figured I still had a long while to go but looking back I was actually quite close to the end. At first I kept forgetting to breath it in when the pain got bad but once I remembered I breathed it in so hard that they had to put it away when it was time to birth Cadan because I was getting ‘glassy eyed’ 🙂

Erin asked me a few times if i felt ready to push and I wasn’t sure but all of a sudden I knew I was. Another midwife Niki, who i’d had one of my appointments with came in to help so that there would be one midwife for me and one for Cadan when he came out.

I’m not sure how long I pushed for but I started off pushing gently trying to ‘breath baby out’ like my calm birth class suggested but felt it wasn’t really working. Once I got a bit more serious about it he started coming down and I put my hand down and could feel a small circle of his head. They kept encouraging me to push with each contraction and I did but was feeling worn out. The next thing I knew they were sounding serious telling me I needed to push as hard as I possibly could and get him out now because he was partly out and getting squashed. I felt worried but more so determined and I pushed as hard as I could and I could feel him coming out.

It was very painful especially when I all  of a sudden could feel an intense stretch of the widest part of his head coming through but I knew he was right there and finally I would get to see him. After his head was out his body seemed to slip out quite easily and I heard the most beautiful sound, his very first cry! They told me I needed a needle in my leg to help birth the placenta and then I also needed a few stitches but I didn’t care at all because I could finally see and hear our beautiful baby! They checked him over quickly and then put him on my bare chest for our first cuddle. Ilooked at him and thought he was the cutest baby ever. He had dark hair just like his dad and I both had as babies. b4

Cadan James Joseph Murphy

was born at 2.54pm on the 3.8.15

weighing 3.85kg, length 53cm

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 We spent the first hour cuddling with our beautiful long awaited baby in complete awe that he was finally in our arms. I gave him his first feed and it was such a special moment knowing that he really was ours. Dad and Anneke came in to meet the new arrival. After this I had a shower and we went to the room we were going to be stay in. Benny’s parent came to visit too and Cadan had first cuddles with all his grandparent and his aunty AJ.

Once everyone had gone home Benny, Cadan and I had our first time alone as our new little family of 3. We hung out in our room, ate snacks and watched tv and of course spent most of the time just staring at our new baby. Cadan slept for hours and at first we were content to watch him sleeping and then after a while we were impatient for him to wake up! Eventually he did and we were so glad to see his little eyes again.

His first day was so completely wonderful. I was so happy with how his birth went and we were surrounded by love and excitement all day. I couldn’t fault our little local hospital, all the care we received was wonderful. One of the most special moments for me was when he woke up at night for a feed. For the first time it was just the two of us, the hospital was dimly lit and quiet and I could soak him in completely with no distractions, just the two of us. It was then that it really hit me that after all the years of waiting and dreaming our dream had come true and was finally in my arms and would be forever ours.

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2 Responses to Cadan’s birth story

  1. AJ says:

    So close to tears, thanks for telling your story. He’s so worth it xx

  2. so so worth it, thanks for being there to share it with us, especially the days before, it was so fun hanging out together 🙂

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