35 weeks- our happy place

35 weeks 6

Cadey boy, you’ve spent a lot of your time so far at the beach. Your grandpa and I were talking last week on one of our weekly walks about how once you are out and we take you for your ‘first’ beach walk it will sound and smell so familiar to you, that you will feel like you are home. The beach- any beach- has always felt like home to me.

So many times while I waited for you, long before I was pregnant, when your daddy and I were still waiting, hoping and wishing that one day you would join us I came to these beaches and dreamed of walking along with you in my belly or cuddled close and warm in a sling. Now at last you come along for the ride and I dream of all the beach visits to come. Soon we will hold you, dress you warmly and keep you cozy and sheltered from the winter. As summer comes i’ll dip your toes into the salt water for the first time. In the years to come you will walk by yourself and i’ll bring buckets, spades and spare clothes knowing that you will likely be soaked by the time we make it to the car. Not much longer at all until you will see the beach with your own eyes for the first time, I can’t wait to show you and enjoy it together like I have so many times in my day dreams

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2 Responses to 35 weeks- our happy place

  1. AJ says:

    Can’t wait to spend summer days at the beach all together xx

  2. me either, it’s going to be so much fun 🙂

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