33 weeks

34 weeks 1

this week I got the last few pieces of the bassinet, the day care mum that’s loaning it to me had realized there were a few pieces missing so had to find them. It was so exciting finally putting it together and it looks so sweet in this spot by the window with soft filtered light coming through the white cotton canopy. I want to attach a few little felt shapes/animals as a little mobile but i’m not sure what. Maybe bees and clouds, maybe a rainbow of stars or maybe nothing so it can stay crisp white plain and simple.


I also had a second baby shower with Benny’s family and some of my friends. (the first was with our family that live further away and I have finally got photos from our friend that took them so I can go back and do a blog post on it) Both were sooo nice! For years while we waited for this baby I felt a bit sad going to friends baby showers and dreamed of having a baby shower of my own and and instead I got two and each was just as wonderful as I always imagined. It still felt like a dream having parties to celebrate our ‘one day baby’ who is now our ‘currently kicking my belly and just weeks off being born’ baby. It’s amazing to think that after all that time and waiting and not knowing if he ever would be, we really do get him. I feel so lucky that Cadan has so much great family and so many people that love him so much already

34 weeks

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2 Responses to 33 weeks

  1. Andria says:

    I used to follow your other blog and then I didn’t update to this address. I am SO pleased to see you doing so well, and that lovely baby bump of yours!

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