Winter veggie patch

Usually my motivation to plant winter veg comes much earlier in the year but better late than never right? In the last couple of weeks i’ve finally planted some broccoli, onions, lettuce, spinach, beets, peas and have a bit more space for a few more thingsIMG_6326

The boat which used to be a sand pit is where every thing thrives! It was too much work to fill it with dirt so I just empty the compost bin into it, add a layer of potting mix and plant straight on top and slowly it’s filling up. I planted broccoli here and in pots and the boat ones are nearly double the height. I never did pull out our tomatoes from summer because they have done so well and were still getting tomatoes, although they take a long time to ripen in the cold weather. I pulled them over the side of the boat so that there would be more space to plant and hack at any branches that get in my way but they are just so hardy.


I got some pumpkins which grew out of the potato patch, I don’t remember planting them so either I did and forgot or they self seeded from compost. Either way i’m not complaining, pumpkin soup, yum!

IMG_6325 IMG_6327IMG_6332IMG_6335 IMG_6334

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