Yesterday I had a wonderful birthday full of family, warm sunshine and a nice beach walk. I love birthdays and this one was extra special knowing that the best present I could ever have is almost here with us at last. He’s not born yet but he makes everything better already.


This morning I sit reading Birth Skills, the book from my calm birth class. I honestly struggle motivating myself to sit and read a book but once I start I enjoy it. This is a great book, i’m getting lots from it and it makes me feel so positive and excited for birth. I was talking to of my day care mums last week about the class, she took it too and said to me ‘I know this probably sounds a bit strange but after taking the class I actually enjoyed my births’. I assured her it didn’t sound strange but very encouraging. Definitely what i’d like to hear. She also very kindly offered us her bassinet which is great. I have the pram bassinet but I was worried it was too small for over night, the one she gave is much wider and I love the idea of our bub sleeping in the same bassinet as two of my beautiful day care kids as babies 🙂

IMG_6258 IMG_6263


I finally tackled a small job that I had been putting off for so long- I made new cloth nappy wipes. As you can imagine they are about the most booring thing in the world to make and last time I made them (for day care) I used an overlocker that i’ve now sold. They actually weren’t bad at all infact I expected it would be more work to make them by sewing machine seems I had to cut seperately but I used my quilting rotary cutter and then zig zaged the edges and found it easier. The fabric was from the opp shop, I love it and wish I could buy more to make sheets.

Also pictured is what I got as the second half of cadan’s newborn nappies stash. I love the bambooty nappies but decided to get some trifolds too so that I can put them in the dryer without worrying about wrecking them seems the weather wont be great for drying when he’s new and also to save money seems he wont be in newborns for long. These were on sale for about $5 ea and I had a few already that I like to use as boosters (extra absorbancy layer in a bigger size nappy) so even if he outgrows them quickly they will get lots of use when he’s bigger too. Plus they are about the softest nappies i’ve ever touched even after loads of use!

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