30 weeks

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Only 10 weeks to go! I’m crossing my fingers he comes a little bit early like Benny has always predicted, 8 weeks sounds nice 🙂 I went to a Calm Birth class a few weeks back and it was fantastic, I came out feeling much more knowledgeable and confident that I knew what I needed to know and that I would know what was happening. The session came with two relaxation cd’s with guided meditations and affirmations to prepare me for birth which Benny put on my phone for me to listen to so every night (and quite a few afternoons) I put on the calming music when I rest/go to sleep, it’s been fantastic. I’ve also started drinking raspberry leaf tea each day which apparently will help get my body ready for birth and breast feeding. We now have everything we need for baby except his bassinet which one of my day care mums is lending us and will bring over soon. All I need for myself is some toiletries for hospital and after I have him. All his clothes are washed and i’ve started packing his hospital bag. His birth sounds far away and hopefully it still is as he has a little bit more growing and developing to do yet but a few ladies from my online August births group have already been surprised by their early little babies so I thought I better start getting things together just in case! Each week that I count down is exciting, we’re getting so close! I’ve only got 2 days a week of work left as families are slowly getting other child care as spots come up to make sure they are ready for when I need time off, so rather than stopping at 36 weeks like I had planned I will go as long as I can with the last 2 days. I only have 3 spots filled now so the 3 little girls aren’t much work.

I keep wondering how long until i’m holding this little baby boy in my arms. I like being pregnant and i’ve had it very easy health wise but i’m looking forward to being able to walk to the post office and back (and much further like I used to) without feeling like I need to hold up my belly and take breaks. I also look at photos of myself before I was pregnant and I always felt like my belly was chubby and although not too bothered didn’t feel like I looked how I wanted to, whereas now I look at those photos and think I look great in them and so tiny! I feel like i’ll be able to appreciate my non-pregnant body more than ever before. I’m hoping that I will be able to enjoy getting back in shape a bit and having my body feel normal for at least a little while, although given how long we waited for Cadan we wont be preventing a sibling for long and will be going back to IVF after a year or so. At this point i’m kind of dreading being pregnant again to be honest and ideally i’d like to have 2 years between babies and be able to breastfeed for as long as possible but I don’t want to miss the time after you have a baby where you’re extra fertile. Oh weal we will see how it goes. Just another thing that’s hard about infertility, not being able to plan baby number 2 any more than we were able to plan no 1 . I’ll be happy just to get a baby number 2!

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One Response to 30 weeks

  1. AJ says:

    Never hurts to be organised, I think it’s a great idea, now you feel relaxed & as ready as you can be. Hopefully he stays in there for a while longer though xx

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