27 weeks/28 weeks

27 weeks1 weeks 27 3

Every things going well in my pregnancy, in fact it’s feeling so uneventful that I keep just posting my weekly photo and having nothing much to say. I’m having a bit more acid reflux and I feel like an old woman when I try to stand after sitting on the ground but apart from that i’m still feeling good. Cadan’s movement and kicks are getting more frequent and pronounced. Now rather than just feeling quick bumps here and there his movements seem more deliberate and It seems like I can feel the shape of his limbs at times. When I roll on my side at night it feels like he’s pushing his body forwards and backwards, one second I feel him on my right side. It’s hard to explain but it’s just so nice to lay in bed and feel his movements as I go to sleep. Mind you, sleep is a bit of a struggle but all the more time to spend with my little boy (that’s NOT what i’m thinking at 1 am when I need to work the next day mind you!)

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One Response to 27 weeks/28 weeks

  1. AJ says:

    I can’t believe he will be here soon!
    (still a little while to wait but so exciting!)
    Enjoy the next 3 months, I’m sure they will be over before we know it.

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