20 weeks


We had the 20 week scan on Monday. It was great seeing our baby in such detail, even though I know there is a little baby in there each time it just makes it seem so much real to see him. He’s definitely a boy, the ultrasound technician informed us. His name is Cadan. Benny found his name and fell in love with it, and then we both did when we learnt that it means ‘little battle’.

We had both a girl and boy name picked out and if I could have chosen which gender I wanted I would have said girl but once we found his name I started thinking that he really needed to be a boy so that we could use the name “Cadan” first. It just seems so perfect for him, the one we have waited so long for. It was a long battle to get him, the waiting, the sadness, all the difficult things that challenged us. I also feel our little Cadan fought his own little battle. I know it’s not the way others might see things but I always believed that through the long wait, the 2 chemical pregnancies during IVF and also a few I think I might have had beforehand I always felt like there was one little soul waiting for an embryo to stick, wanting to be here as much as we wanted him, trying so hard to get here.

JONESKAREN20150323095948478 JONESKAREN20150323100341800 JONESKAREN20150323102026443IMG_5991

The days have been getting cooler, the pumpkins in our garden are looking ready, perfect timing because its just starting to feel like we are having some soup weather days. Were spending more time outdoors now that the intense heat has passed and it’s exciting to plant new veggies knowing that our baby will arrive before some of the veggies do


his blanket is coming along nicely although I think i’ll run out of wool before it’s as long as I want it. I want it a good size to double over to keep him extra cozy when he arrives and last him many more winters as a cozy couch blanket

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