19 weeks


In the last week I’ve all of a sudden started to feel kind of huge. It’s rather alarming how much a belly can grow in 19 weeks, after being pretty much the same size for quite a few years now. Oh weal, at least I found some ‘jeans’ that fit me. They are actually jeggings but they are the most comfortable pants ever so close enough. Benny had a giggle at me when I excitedly told him “I found new jeans like my favorite ones, except even better because they actually fit me!”

I’m trying to still get some decent exercise but struggling with walking as I get a sore back, feel like I need to hold up my tummy as it feels too heavy and just generally feel tired and don’t enjoy walks like I used to. Luckily our gym has started an aqua aerobics class in the new pool, I went along with my friend feeling a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I loved it! Starting this week i’ve been regularly sitting around minding my own buisiness when all of a sudden I need to pee, imediately. Even if I just went, that time no longer counts.

Now that i’m feeling loads of kicks and i’ve read that bub is big enough to hear me we’ve been having some lovely conversations. A little one sided but lovely all the same 🙂 I like that I spend lots of my work days reading kids books, it seems nice that bub gets to enjoy them too

Only 9 days until our next scan. I’m so excited

IMG_5981 2

I made little paper bunting with our boy and girl name, ready to hang up. Pretty much as soon as we got the little dresser I envisioned it with this name bunting hanging on the mirror, it’s so exciting that we can soon finally hang it up!

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