18 weeks

This has been a great week. Benny has had days off work and it happened that he could come to my midwife appointment which was really nice. I had only felt once what I thought was a kick at that stage but she listened to baby with her dopler and could hear lots of movement and we all heard the heart beat. Afterward we had lunch by the beach at cafe Mia. This is the only photo I took. Benny often blinks when I try to take a photo of him to tease me but apparently this one he didn’t. Going by his smile i’m not sure I believe him 🙂11046306_10152850001503681_8517840756577463136_n

The next day I started feeling kicks! I’d have to say feeling baby kick is pretty much the best thing ever. I’ve felt lots now all of a sudden, I love it, it was so worth the wait!

10422603_10152850001283681_8688996866312503199_n  10360622_10152850001493681_4626520842794446561_n

I was lucky to find a play mat at the opp shop for $2 so that I have the pieces I need to make a quilted play mat. I’ve taken a few photos of the process so far. I just need to sew binding on the quilts edges, sew clips for the bars onto the quilted circle and then make some toys for it


and my wool arrived ready to knit baby a blanket! Because I already have loads of what i need for bub from doing day care all these years (cot etc) I should just spend all the money on wool and fabric right? (yes you say ? I thought so too 🙂 )

IMG_5934  IMG_5942

the day care kids helped my wind it into balls and I’ve started knitting already. Its going a lot quicker than I expected, 10ply does that I suppose. I’m knitting using three balls at once, one for each stripe colour and an extra blue so that I can knit the border on as I go. It’s a bit fiddly and annoying having 3 balls of wool to cart around and un-tangle but I love how it’s turning out so it’s worth it

IMG_5957 IMG_5960

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