IVF round 3

Sunday 2nd of Nov  I started puregon injections for our second frozen embryo IVF round. On the 4th I started taking my prednisolone, my new (to me this cycle) steroid table that will hopefully help our little embro survive.
Now that we’ve done this all twice before it’s nice that it feels like no big deal, all the fears and unknowns that stressed me the first and somewhat second cycle are pretty much gone, i’m just living normal life and injections and blood tests just feel like a normal part of life, nothing to think too much about, just do them and continue on with my day. It doesn’t really feel like i’m doing ivf again. So much so that I was a few days into it before I thought to myself, ‘oops, i’m doing IVF, i’m supposed to be drinking loads of water, and possibly coconut water, gatorade etc.
For the first two cycles (IVF and 1st FET) I did pretty much all of my injections , at times it would take me quite a while to work myself up to them and I would get quite nervous and stressed but I liked to be in control of it, it made me feel less scared. This time I assumed i’d do them myself again but i’ve ended up getting Benny to do them all for me. It’s working better, he just does them right away and its over with. It’s also nice to have him more involved, it feels more like were doing it together.
This time I had 11 days of puregon, 3 blood tests and 1 ultrasound. This was quite a lot less then last round as they now knew what puregon dosage I needed which was great.

All in all i’ve been really enjoying my fet cycle, I’ve been feeling so positive knowing that our dream could be so close. It’s been really warm so i’ve been going for lots of walks on the beach. Now that I have a beach only a few minutes drive away it’s so nice that when i’m sitting around feeling hot in the evening (that’s when our house seems to heat up the most and I don’t usually use the air conditioner when it’s just me home) I can just hop it the car and go to the beach and go for a long walk in the cool water. I’ve been going most days and I love how the water and salt air cleanses my soul.
I’m also feeling the end of year anticipation as we get closer to Summer Solstice and Christmas. The jacaranda trees are flowering, as are the abandoned block full of sunflowers. I’m starting to think about decorations, yummy foods to make and it fills me with warmth and excitement.

Our embryo transfer is on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it. As much as it’s hard waiting the 2ish weeks to find out if your pregnant, I really love the feeling of having a little embryo with me, hoping that it’s going to be the one to stay and dreaming of all the times we could have ahead. Fingers crossed this time we get the one that will be sticking around and turning into our baby

One of my favourite things since moving has been having my best friend Sarah closer. We often get together on Saturday mornings and have a nice girly catch up, have a look at a few shops, get some breakfast or lunch together and hang out. Yesterday we had breakfast on the beach and went for a wander. I always feel like there’s something special and luxurious about having breakfast out. That probably sounds a bit silly but It’s just something I don’t do often and I usually have pretty boring breakfasts at home too so I guess that also adds to the appeal 🙂

It was so nice sitting at the beach, it felt like the most perfect morning.

Next time were going to “Henry on George”, which is mine and mums favourite cafe, the one we visit every time we have family visiting (i’m sure it’s been mentioned a fair few times on this blog :). Sarah loves it too but we’ve never been there together so it will be fun to get german apple cheese cakes together. She also hasn’t been to the beach in Moonta and it’s a gorgeous beach so i’m glad to show her.

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