5 weeks 5 days

I’m still waking up pleasantly suprised each morning when I remember that i’m pregnant. If all goes well I think i’ll probably still be finding it a novelty and a surprise come August next year. My symptoms so far have been
-waking during the night (the first thing that made me wonder if it worked because the only other time I’ve woken during the night more than 1 night in a row was last cycle)
-cramps- every day during 2 week wait- to the point I felt sick and stayed in bed a day 8 days past transfer, I think that was implantation. Now about once or twice a day or so I have mild cramps for a minute or so
-stretching feelings and tiny shooting mild pains in different areas of my uterus
-sore boobs
-digestive issues. Prunes are my staple desert at the moment
-tiredness- after lunch the kids are getting used to the majority of my time being spent on the couch. Luckily they love being read to and will paint with block water colours for as many colouring pages as ill let them. I have a big thick Christmas colouring book which is getting quite the work out this year, i’m sure the parents are getting sick of receiving mass quantities of pictures each day!

I got my second hcg back and it was perfect. I went from 451 to 1202 in 54 hours so it more than doubled with plenty to spare 🙂
For a few days after getting the hcg tests I was feeling really reassured and positive that all was going well but it didn’t take long before I started having doubts and worrying that we would get to the ultrasound and have no heartbeat or I would start bleeding and loose the baby. It’s a scary time being so early because unfortunately having waited almost 6 years years for this pregnancy still doesn’t take away the risk of miscarriage. For my age group statistics say 1 in 7 pregnancies are lost before seeing a heart beat, thankfully the likelihood drops heaps after that. 12 more days until our ultrasound. Thankfully the days are going quickly, but not quickly enough. I’m really worried but reminding myself that the odds are better than they ever have been before. 1 in 7 means that 6 babies survive. Fingers crossed we’re one of the lucky ones this time. I started worrying that my pregnancy symptoms were going away. When I stopped and took notice it was all still there except for waking at night. I even stopped with the prunes for a few days, just to check. Um yes, definitely still necessary. I was uncomfortable for a day because of it but it was worth it for the reassurance.

I’ve been keeping buisy with work, spending lots of time on an ivf forum that I joined at the start of the year and i’ve also been knitting a cozy little sleep sack. I’ve been adding to my ‘one day baby’ board on pinterest. Each time I get excited that i’ll soon hopefully be changing that label to ‘August baby’

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