17 weeks

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This week i’ve been doing some sewing. I’ve been holding onto this piece of fabric for a good couple of years until the right project came up. It’s one of my all time favourites! I thought I had a yard of it from memory but after ordering another yard plus some coordinating fabrics in the same range I realized that there were 2 yards. Always nice!

I had already decided to make a baby quilt and matching patchwork play mat. I’ve been keeping an eye out for one of the play mats with the foam arms that cross over in the middle and dangly toys (not sure if that really describes propperly lol) but I hadn’t found anything I love. I love a challenge and to bring something old back to life again so I decided i’ll find a cheap secondhand one, re cover the foam arms and make a little patchwork quilt as the mat and use the rattle/squeakers out of the old toys to make fun new little toys. I also have a canvas for bubs bedroom that i’ll cover with the fabric.


Because of the extra yard of fabric I was still going to have heaps left so when I saw this breastfeeding pillow second hand for $15 I decided to get it and make a new cover for it. I’ve only just been starting to do a few sewing projects after barely sewing for years and it seems i’m a bit unrealistic in judging the amount of work that will go into a project. A cussion cover seems like a nice quick project but seems it had a zip which is sewn on a curve  and also a strap that goes around your back with velcro it was actually a project that took quite a bit of fiddling and time. It’s not something I would want to make again but I love how it turned out, it saved a fair bit of money and best of all it will look really nice once I have a few matchy things for bub with the same fabric


The lady selling the breastfeeding pillow was also selling a baby sheepskin which was another thing I had been planning to buy. It was only $10 so I figured even if the condition wasn’t great (it’s hard to tell from a little photo on facebook) it would still be worth it to use as a cozy floor mat in the day care play space. It was in great condition and after a wash and brush it came up looking pretty much new. It will be so cozy for our little winter bub to sleep and play on

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