16 weeks

The last couple of weeks have been buisy and lots of fun. I went to Adelaide one day and had such a nice time catching up with some family
In the past few weeks I’ve slowly been getting much less tired than I was, i’m still tired at times in the arvo but I haven’t really been napping, mostly just watching some of the tv series ‘Once upon a time’ which Benny downloaded for me. Its nice, I was starting to feel like I was wasting so much time sleeping, although I suppose growing a baby is really a pretty good use of my time really. Days seem so much longer now!
My heart burn has been a lot worse its been pretty constant no matter what I eat, although for the last few days I’ve started taking apple cider vinegar for it (thanks dr. google) and while for the first day it seemed to get worse today I haven’t had it at all which is great
My belly has been steadily growing and i’m loving that it’s starting to feel more like a pregnant belly rather than an ‘I ate too much’ belly. I desperately need some new clothes as hardly anything fits comfortably right now. Thankfully before I got pregnant I found these black maternity shorts that i’m wearing in the pictures at an opp shop. I felt a bit silly buying them back then but they were $1 and now i’m so glad to have them as they are the most comfy shorts in the world. As a bonus they look nice and neat too. And I recently found the exact same but as long pants at another opp shop for $2 so i’m set for winter too, wahoo! I haven’t found any decent clothes locally that fit right and are comfy so i’m going to try some clothes off ebay, because i’m not willing to buy new maternity clothes from online which all seem really outrageously priced compared to normal clothes, only to find that they don’t fit right either. I’m also having issues with getting a bra that fits right. I think more to the point I just cant stand any clothing that isn’t completely loose fitting at the moment. Twice i’ve bought a bra that seemed fine in the shop but after wearing it a while it was too uncomfortable. I’ll admit that for work I put on my bra right before kids are dropped off and it isn’t long before I either undo it or take it off altogether and only put it back on again at home time!

I’m very excited that its only 4 weeks until our next ultrasound. I cant wait to see baby again. Last time was so great being able to see hands, face profile etc looking so formed and so much more like a baby than the one before and I know at this one we’ll be able to see so much more again. I’m also looking forward to finding out for sure if were having a boy or girl. We have both a boy and girl name picked out, I can’t wait to find out for sure who we have

I’m getting impatient to feel movement. Any day now I could start feeling bub move so each night when I lay in bed I try to lay as still as possible but no luck so far. Fingers crossed very soon

Here’s another addition to bubs room. I had been talking about wanting to find a nice chest of drawers second hand and luckily Benny has good eyes, he was driving to his friends and happened to drive past a garage sale and saw these drawers for $10! They need some work and new drawer knobs but I really like them

Here’s a baby carrier that I got ages ago that I pulled out and can’t wait to use. It has waves on it (a bit hard to tell in photos) so the moment I saw it I knew it would be perfect for ocean walks with our little soon to be beach bum

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