14 weeks

Today I had my first midwife appointment and it was great! Firstly my NT blood work came back and bub is pretty much as low risk as can be for downs syndrome and the other conditions that it tests for which is the wonderful news I was hoping for.
I absolutely love the midwife I saw. She was so bubbly, fun and enthusiastic, basically the complete opposite to my obstetrician who I saw a few weeks back.We filled out some paperwork, she checked my blood pressure and then we listened to bubs heart beat. We just chatted and joked about various little things and she was interested in our IVF so I told her how we got to where we are. It felt much more personal than the OB appointment, which I was quite excited about as it was my first baby appointment, and I came out a bit disappointed thinking ‘is that all’. This time I came out feeling uplifted and like i’d had a great time chatting with a friend, even though we had gone through pretty similar things as I did with OB.

In other exciting news, I got a call about the clearance nappies I ordered and they had run out of the ladybird garden ones so I got to choose different ones and have a mixture rather than having all the same because that’s all that was on sale. They are so cute and little, I love the light blue stripe the best

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