13 weeks

that’s his face profile and little hand waving 🙂
Today we went for our 13 week scan it it was great. Baby is doing great, measuring a few days ahead (last time he was a few days behind so this reassured me) and it was awesome to see him moving about. Him? Oh yes, it looks like were having a little…
I wasn’t expecting that we would be able to find out until 20 weeks but before I even asked Benny and I had both seen what we were pretty sure were boy bits and the ultrasound technician said it’s too early to say for sure but it looks like a little boy. We are so excited, I feel like after seeing bub AND finding out that he is most likely a boy we have had a pretty wonderful day of getting to know our little guy. Ill feel a bit bad if ‘he’ turns out to be ‘she’ but for now were calling ‘him’ our baby boy lol. Time to get out all the cute little stripey onesies, overalls and beach themed boy clothes i’ve been putting away all these years!

In the past few weeks work has slowed down with kids either starting kindy or moving away. I’m embracing the slower pace, I’ve cut back to 3 days with 2-3 kids per day and plan to stick with this for the next 5ish months until I start maternity leave as my tiredness seems to be sticking around and it’s enough money for baby buys, if you shop mostly second hand like me they are much cheaper than fertility treatments!
Only 2 of the children nap which has meant I could put away some beds in the sleep room and start getting baby furniture! I found this cute dresser localy second hand for a great price. My dad who loves wood work is impressed with it, apparently its Australian oak which he tells me is a really good wood and is well made. I’d think it was lovely either way but it’s always nice to know you got a good buy.

Does anyone remember this little peter rabbit quilt? I blogged when I made around 5 years ago so if you do you’re doing well. Its exciting to think i’ll soon be able to embroider a name on it and put it over my very own sleeping babe. I also love this little knit peter rabbit blanket that I got for a few dollars second hand.

I was planning on mostly doing prefold nappies for newborn size seems they aren’t in them long but I got a fab bargain on my favourite cloth nappies in newborn size (I use the bigger sizes of these for my day care) they usually cost $25 each and I got them on clearance for $10 each! They are all this ‘ladybird garden’ print which is probably a bit girly but as it was only this or ballerinas on clearance I figured this would be fine. It’s my favourite print anyway, I hadn’t intended on getting so much of it if we had a boy but $100 for 10 of my fav nappies. Couldn’t have said no if I tried! So now we have some easy nappies for Benny who isn’t used to cloth nappies. Or nappies of any kind for that matter

Benny chose out this cute ducky bouncer while I was looking at other things and when I walked over it was my favorite too. It’s about the softest thing iv’e ever touched

here’s last weeks belly shot. My baby brain moment from that day- sitting in my hot lounge room I decided it was nice weather to go to the beach for a swim. got ready, drove down, got out of car. It was COLD! and windy. Thinking to myself, oh that’s right it was cold outside earlier and our lounge room is always hotter than out side in the arvo because of the way the sun comes through the front window at that time of the day. Oh the many silly moments like this i’ve been having!

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