11 weeks

As of yesterday i’m 11weeks which seems like a pretty big exciting number (although I’m pretty sure I think that to myself every week)
I finally thought to take a belly shot. I’m definitely getting a bit chunkier around the middle and i’m looking forward to looking pregnant rather than just chubby. I’m feeling like i’m eating sooo much so i’m trying to stick to eating healthy which is going quite well. Unless there is chocolate custard or chocolate milk around then not so much. I’m making cacao banana almond milk smooties and hot chocolate (1 tsp cacao, 2tsp sugar, half hot water, half milk) to have a healthier version to satisfy my cravings. Both of these are really good and help me keep the high sugar, high fat shop bought ones to a not too regular treat.
I’ve still not had any morning sickness, in fact i’ve hardly had any nausea. For a few weeks I was tired constantly and napping for a few hours each day but i’m starting to get past that. I’m still quite tired but finding it hard to get to sleep so I usually just lay down for a little bit in the arvo and still feel tired but eventually have a ‘second wind’ and feel better. I’m finding a walk in the arvo is helping me feel better and more energetic.
I got my doppler but I’m not entirely sure if i’ve found bubs heart beat yet. A few times I’ve had a number high enough for a second and then it was gone. Today when I tried I’m almost certain I found it and it lasted a good 10 seconds and then was gone and I couldn’t find it again (apparently this happens as the bub is so little and moves ‘out of range’). It tends to be in the same spot so I think it is but time will tell. Hopefully now that I’m pretty sure I found it for a decent amount of time it will start getting easier to find.
Although I was hoping it would be a more definite ‘yep that was definitely a healthy baby’ i’m still glad I got it, it’s fun and exciting getting the ‘ooh I think that was it’ too.
I’m actually feeling a lot less fear about loosing the baby since last week, I think writing down my fears really helped me feel better which is good.

This week was unseasonably cold which was sooooo nice! We had rainy days, I had warm cups of tea and it was easy to day dream of my little August baby coming into this world, and being rugged up on the couch cozy together. My aunty Levin inspired me to get out some knitting. I started by getting out a ridiculous amount of not quite finished pieces and finishing some of them off. What great instant gratification it is all of a sudden having lots of finished things from the tiny bit of effort it took to seam and weave in ends

I also knitted the star dolly, a perfect first friend for our little one.
I’m sure i’ve mentioned it before but knitting is so good for me, It helps me enjoy my job so much more. Looking after kids can be a bit boring if you don’t have something to do to keep your hands buisy while they play. It makes the world of difference to have my own fun activity to do while they do theirs and I think they can feel my contentment, the days go so smoothly
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