14 mon

This little guy at (almost) 14. He’s still a good little eater although lately he’s I think been having trouble from his molars, he’s gone off his food a bit and is wanting to breastfeed way more then usual. His main word that he so far says is ‘more’ with the cutest little upside down twisted around hand outstretched. I love it! Unfortunately if he doesn’t receive ‘more’ of whatever he’s after soon enough it often turns into a high pitched squeal but at least he’s starting to ask (before if he was teething or over tired it was just a shrill squeal from the second he decided he wanted something until it was in his hands!)

His sleep is pretty good at the moment. He usually has one nap at about 12 for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours and then goes to sleep around 6 or 7. Sometimes he still has 2 naps, often on Monday because of weekend busyness.

One of my favourite things is how excited he gets when day care kids arrive. He usually runs to the door to greet them. Him and his little day care friends maggie and addilyn who are both only a few weeks apart from him i age are so sweet learning to give each other hugs and laughing at each other.

My favourite recent moments-

*When benny and I hold his hands and do 1,2,3 (swing him between us on 3) he loves it! He also likes when he stands on a log by the sand pit and I take his hands and help him jump off. Every time we go outside he climbs on the log and waits for me to do it now

*Seeing him and mum so happy to see each other when she got back from 8 weeks in Holland

*When he gets so excited and frantic to breastfeed lately. It can be annoying and inconvenient at times but its also the sweetest thing ever

*seeing him learn new things all the time like yesterday he stacked a big block tower for the first time

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13882317_10153961517628681_2437328782247132008_nYears ago I had an etsy shop and when I finished it I kept a half made crown for our dream ‘one day baby’. All these years later and I still loved it just as much. He is perfection sleeping in it under his wave blanket13935150_10153961129868681_7828503095702438314_nI debated about if I wanted to do a cake smash with him or not. I honestly think it’s a wierd and silly tradition but I decided it would be cute and fun and I’m not really one to pass up a cute photo opportunity. We made my favourite whole meal sugar free muffin mix just like my mum has always made and topped it with whipped cream. He wasn’t very impressed but we managed to get a few smiles

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11 Months


We’ve had such a wonderful weekend. We had mothers group, Charlie, Tamara and the kids over for tea, Heaths first birthday and tea at mum and dads. It’s been busy, i’m worn out but my soul is happy and full. Life is just so wonderful and i’m grateful to be surrounded by so many great people.

Today after Heaths party we were driving right by the beach. Cadan was ready for bed and I knew if I went home he would have a much longer sleep but it was a beautiful day so instead I put him in the carrier and we went for a big beach walk.

It was so wonderful! Being a mother there is always balance, including the balance between wanting to get him into good sleeping habits that keep him well rested and give me time to get things done and wanting to cuddle him and enjoy him. Today I chose to cuddle and enjoy him and i’m so glad I did, he’s growing so fast and these moments are the ones i’ll look back on and be thankful for. In that moment cuddling and kissing my softly sleeping baby I just felt so grateful that I’m living my dream. For 11 months i’ve been living my dream of being a mother now and it just keeps getting better and better. It was so great having a newborn but gosh i’m just loving this stage now where he’s starting to be able to play with his friend. I’m thankful to have so many kids around us for him to grow up with, the day care kids, mothers group babies, babies from our groups and i’m enjoying making new friends too.

I’m also feeling so grateful for day care at the moment. I’m loving having families from my mothers group and all of my families at the moment are really great. I’m feeling really great about how i’m going with my documenting and paperwork side of things, I joined a face book group which has helped a lot and because i’m feeling more confident with it all it’s making me feel like my day care is much better because of it.

Basically, life is wonderful

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Birthday blanket beginnings


I’ve started knitting Cadan’s birthday blanket and so far I love it. I love the colour, I love how it’s looking and i’m really enjoying that there a rows that I need to focus on and them rows that are all knit or all purl, just enough challenge to keep me interested but also some mindless knitting, the perfect balance.

This week I have a fair bit to do, it’s making me feel a bit stressed so after a busy week with Benny on holidays from work and doing lots of fun stuff I’m ignoring the to do list, slowly getting through our mountain of neglected washing and spending the day working on cadan’s blanket while watching Legacy Knitz podcasts. Cadan is having a nice big nap and i’m deciding if I want to take him for a play and walk on the beach or if I can’t be bothered. We have to do some shopping anyway so we might. I know it will make me feel better, he would love it

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Knitting and 10 months old!

Cadan is 10 months old. Life is great, he keeps me busy getting into mischief, crawling into the shower fully dressed to splash in the left over water, looking in every cupboard, leaving a trail of random things behind him, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He has 3 teeth, nearly 4. He’s standing on his own for longer and longer every day and is such a quick crawler now.

He has recently gotten really cuddly which makes me so happy. He never used to be at all but he started getting cuddly when he wanted a feed and must have decided that snuggles are pretty nice, now he cuddles up and puts his face up to mine all the time, it’s so sweet. Around the same time he went from smiling at anyone he saw to being more cautious and shy, I think he got to an age where he noticed a bit more that we’re his family and others are strangers so it’s a bit of a shame he doesn’t give everyone such big smiles but at the same time it makes me feel so special that he saves them for us.

Lately we have been going to the library singing group and a play group to make some friends. We both enjoy them so much but life is seeming extra busy now that we’re going to them on top of doing our usual things on my days off work.

I’ve been really enjoying some knitting pod casts and finally i’m back to having constant knitting projects on the go. I got put off because I had some moths chew through lots of my knits that i’d put so much time and love into. Now that i’m enjoying knitting again i’ve gotten serious about looking after my woolens and yarn stash. I washed every bit of woolen clothing, blankets, toys etc. and have put all the things we don’t use regularly into zip lock bags and am also putting them in the freezer. Fingers crossed we have no more moths, but if not it will at least slow them down a lot and protect most of them, especially over the summer and baby things that will be in storage.

Today I received my birthday wool order! I got 2 sock wools, 9 skeins of blank wool to be dyed and some bits and pieces like sock blockers and a lint shaver which i’ve been meaning to buy for years. I can’t wait to tidy up many a lint ball with it!

I already dyed my wool. I regreted starting at 7pm! It took a long time when I was tired but I just couldn’t help myself and it was worth it to see it all dyed. Now it’s drying by the heater. Fingers crossed It’s dry to wind into skeins tomorrow. I can’t wait to show cadan the ball winder and swift, I know he’s going to love watching it

The dyed wool is going to become a blue blanket for Cadan’s birthday and a yellow jumper and matching hat. It seems silly to get wool for my birthday and then knit it into birthday presents for him but of course I will get enjoyment out of knitting it and putting it on him, probably much more then him really anyway. I already have some sweet birthday photos planned for them so lets hope I can knit it all in time.

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Easter Vest and bunny


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